Jaylen Brown admits hardship in wearing mask: ‘I know it looks cool, but sometimes it’s hard to breathe’


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For most of the fans, a player wearing a mask while playing symbolizes a massively cool demeanor given the aura that comes out from the unusual, yet villainous look. It can be noted from the previous times when LeBron James terrorized the then-Charlotte Bobcats with his 61 markers, the late great Kobe Bryant dropping three-straight 30+ points in 2012 while wearing one, or Detroit Pistons legend Richard “Rip” Hamilton making it a trademark of his entire career as a phantom mid-range maestro.

One can argue this also applies to the current case of Jaylen Brown, but the star swingman is personally fed up with the adjustment he continues to make.

Following a jubilating 115-93 win over the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday, Brown sounded off about the hardships of wearing his black facial gear, but insisted that is not making such mere excuses.

“I know it looks cool, but sometimes it’s hard to breathe,” Brown said, via MassLive’s Souichi Terada. “It kind of limits your vision at times depending on the lighting and depth perception. 

“But y’all don’t want to hear none of that, that’s something like excuses and stuff. Come out each and every night and make it happen.”

Upon accidentally sustaining a facial contusion from the elbow of Jayson Tatum, Brown was forced to take a sit on the last four games of the Boston Celtics before heading to the 2023 All-Star Weekend. Amid initial beliefs that he won’t be available to participate in the festivities, he went on to play and debuted his black mask at the All-Star Game.

Since then, Brown has donned the protective gear in the next seven games of the Cs following the All-Star break, averaging 25.6 points, 6.7 boards, 3.9 assists and shooting 47.3 percent from the field on the given stretch. As such, it remains yet to be seen when the Boston medical staff will clear him out for wearing it. 

The star swingman further admitted that his cheek is still recovering from the fatal injury. 

“I’m having like headaches, been going from the last couple weeks, just from the pressure and whatnot,” Brown added. “But I’m trending in the right direction, so that’s all that matters.”

Brown had a rough night against the Blazers with his 11 points, but the win mattered more as the Celtics finally deleted their three-game losing skid heading to their lengthy road trip.

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