Jason Kidd on Luka Doncic: “He’s he best player in the world”


Luka Doncic dropped 50 points, leading the Mavericks past the Rockets (112-106). He received the ultimate praise from head coach Jason Kidd after the game.

“Luka is Luka. He ‘s the best player in the world,” Kidd said. “and he showed that tonight carrying the load offensively. Again, there was big plays that he trusted where could have shot the ball with two guys on him, but he trusted his teammates and made the right play.

“And again, when you make the right play in this game, a lot of good things will happen. But I don’t know what else to say about him. He was, it was incredible tonight.

“He was big for us defensively and you could see when the offense wasn’t going for him, he focused on the defensive end. And has some big blocks again late in the game for us.

“And then coming up with some rebounds. So not his normal offensive output, but defense was high again for us tonight that helped us win the game.”

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