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Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/X

As the 76ers brace for their season opener against the Bucks, the absence of former MVP James Harden continues to cast a shadow over the team, with the enigmatic star remaining resolute in his desire for a trade to the Clippers, reportedly due to personal reasons.

Amid speculation surrounding his prolonged absence, reports have surfaced, indicating that Harden is currently in Houston attending to his ailing mother, whose health concerns have taken precedence for the prolific point guard.

Renowned basketball insider Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson shed light on the situation via X, explaining that Harden’s return to the court remains uncertain due to his commitment to caring for his mother.

Robinson’s sources revealed that despite his deep passion for the game and his peak physical condition, Harden’s primary focus is on his family’s well-being.

Moreover, a source disclosed that Harden has expressed a sense of betrayal, stemming from his public disagreement with Sixers president Daryl Morey, whom he labeled “a liar.”

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