James Harden barred from joining 76ers’ road trip amid ongoing tensions


Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/X

Tensions between James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers persist as the former MVP continues to express his desire for a trade to the Clippers, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty around his status with the team.

Harden’s recent return to the 76ers after a 10-day absence, reportedly due to his mother’s illness, resulted in a surprising turn of events.

Despite his intentions to reacclimate himself with the team, he was instructed by team officials to remain in Philadelphia for further training, rather than joining the team on their two-game road trip, including the season opener against the Milwaukee Bucks, as reported by Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report.

As Harden prepared to board the team flight, he was halted at the airport by a security official, enforcing the organization’s mandate that he adhere to their workout plan, which included staying at the practice facility while the team was away.

General manager Elton Brand and head coach Nick Nurse emphasized the importance of following the designated training program, which involved monitoring his performance metrics with the team’s tracking system, located at the facility.

Despite his frustrations, Harden complied and left the airport without further incident. While the team has not imposed fines on him for his recent absences.

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