J.R. Smith Shockingly Says Andrew Wiggins Should Have Won Finals MVP Over Stephen Curry


J.R. Smith shockingly says that Andrew Wiggins deserved to win Finals MVP over Stephen Curry this past season.

Stephen Curry had accomplished a whole lot in the NBA heading into the 2021-22 season. He had won 3 titles and 2 MVPs, was a perennial All-Star and was regarded as the greatest shooter of all time. There was one thing missing from his resume, however, and that was a Finals MVP.

It was always held against Steph that he never won the award and his critics claimed he wasn’t able to lead his team to championships and that he needed a superstar like Kevin Durant alongside him. Curry put that narrative to rest last season as he led the Warriors to the title and his spectacular performances against the Boston Celtics finally netted him his first Finals MVP. It was very well deserved, but not everyone is of the opinion that he should have won it, with J.R. Smith claiming that Wiggins deserved it.

“Well 1! Iggy had a better finals offense and defense in the first one and KD was KD for 2 so that only leaves the one that he was warned and no disrespect to him but to me Wiggins would have won the last one. ‍♂️ but that’s just me”

Wiggins had some great games in the Finals, especially when it came to the defensive end, where he did an excellent job of slowing down Jayson Tatum. He excelled, no doubt, but was clearly their second-best player behind Steph. Wiggins himself said that Curry deserved the award and he did.

Stephen Curry Spoke On The Finals MVP Award

Curry was delighted to finally win the award this past season as he got the monkey off his back. He found it a bit funny how the goalposts then changed from can he win the award to can he win it again and that is just how these things go.

He also spoke about missing out on the award to Andre Iguodala and Durant, stating that they deserved it but he made it clear that the Golden State Warriors wouldn’t have won those Finals if he wasn’t playing at the highest level, which is true. It often gets overlooked how well he did play in those series and we are glad he finally won the award this past season to dispel the notion that he struggles on the biggest stage of the sport.

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