“Its Always Cool to Sit Courtside”: NBA Fan Ellen Pompeo Was Left Starstruck on Meeting Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul Before 2019


Kobe Bryant and his presence on or off the court was hard to ignore. It is the same case with Chris Paul. The two players worked hard to build the aura of stardom around their names. On several instances, the world online has seen fans freeze or exclaim a simple “oh my god!” when they have interacted with these two players. However, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s lead Ellen Pompeo was surprised not only by their presence but by their choice of a favorite show.


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On the ‘Late Late Show with James Corden’ in 2018, Ellen Pompeo was asked if she was surprised when she finds out that a celebrity likes her show. Not only did her answer leave James Corden surprised, but she also earned loud applause from the audience.


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Ellen Pompeo on Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul

When Ellen Pompeo meets NBA players who confess to being fans of her show, she is always left surprised. She then went on to mention the names of late Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant and 12-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul. Pompeo stated that the two watched her show because their wives made them watch it.


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James Corden loved this answer. “I love the idea of Chris Paul hungering down to watch Grey’s Anatomy,” he said. She expressed that having Bryant and Paul as fans was convenient because she likes going to the arenas to watch games. She said, “It’s always cool to sit courtside.” 

The Chris Paul trade

During the 2011 lockout, the New Orleans Pelicans‘ general manager wanted to trade Chris Paul. The Lakers were supposedly interested in this trade. However, trades were not officially allowed to transpire because of the lockout. The news of this potential trade reached other teams during the discussions of lifting the lockout and coming to a mutual agreement between the teams and the league.

The other teams found this offer unfair as they didn’t get to give their offer. This led to extreme chaos. In 2011, the teams were owned by the league and David Stern was the NBA commissioner at the time. So when the chaos broke out, Stern rejected the trade.


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President of the Lakers, Jeanie Buss opened up about the trade on a podcast. She said, “David Stern didn’t reject the trade as the commissioner. He rejected the trade as governor of the New Orleans’ team.”. She stated that this also happened because Stern wasn’t asked permission to okay the trade.

Chris Paul once stated that Bryant and he had spoken about the trade on call. Paul also claimed that he almost flew down to LA to finalize the trade with the Lakers. However, it eventually didn’t happen.


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Were you surprised after reading that Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul watched ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? Let us know in the comments below.

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