Is LeBron James sending message to Lakers to trade their picks?


Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

The Lakers don’t have many options when it comes to make trades to improve the team. It has been widely reported that the team’s two future assets – the 2027 and 2029 first round picks – would have to be included in any trade that would land them a big-time player.

However, the front office is reportedly unwilling to give them up. At least not yet. General manager Rob Pelinka explained in the past why trading those two picks has to be weighed because due to the NBA rules the Lakers have just one shot to make the right trade.

Reportedly James is not worried about the future picks and wants Los Angeles to make a move that would make the Purple and Gold a contender.

On a recent episode of The Shop, LeBron made a comment that could be interpreted as a message to the Lakers front office to trade the picks to maximize his years in L.A.

“When you have a transcendent franchise player like Aaron Rodgers.. Why wouldn’t you surround.. that when you got the picks to maximize what you do?” he said, per Action Network. When asked if he’s talking about football or basketball, James replied with “It definitely translates.”

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