“I’m not the sugarcoat dad” – Kenyon Martin on how he mentors his son KJ – Basketball Network


Kenyon Martin Jr. and Kenyon Martin Sr. 

Kenyon Martin Jr. has been playing the best basketball of his young NBA career with the Houston Rockets. But if you think he’s getting his regular dose of high-fives and attaboys from his ex-NBA star father, Kenyon Martin Sr., you’re wrong.

K-Mart tells it like it is

Right from the jump, Kenyon Sr. has been “honest” with KJ For K-Mart, there’s no shortcut to success, and he’s the type of father who doesn’t confuse his son if he is or isn’t on the right track. So, if KJ does well, it’s good, but if not, his dad will be the first to tell him so.

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