Haynes: Portland keeps Heat in the dark about Damian Lillard trade demands


Photo: Peter Baba

In the ongoing saga surrounding Damian Lillard’s desired move to the Heat, the Trail Blazers have chosen a puzzling strategy of silence.

Despite over two months of negotiations, Portland is keeping their cards close to their chest, refusing to divulge their trade demands to the Heat.

The standoff between Portland and Miami has left the Heat frustrated and eager to find a resolution. NBA insider Chris Haynes recently shed light on the situation, revealing that the Trail Blazers are unresponsive when it comes to discussing their trade requirements.

“Portland is refusing to talk to Miami. Miami understands that they don’t have the assets. But they want to know, ‘Hey Portland, we’ll involve a 3rd or 4th team. But communicate with us and let us know what you are looking for,’” Haynes explained.

This lack of communication has left the Heat and potential third-party teams in the dark, making it challenging to negotiate a deal that would satisfy both sides.

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