Hawks GM Landry Fields no regrets on Dejounte Murray trade: ‘Everything we did to get him, I would do 10 times out of 10’


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As the season is currently on its way through the middle portion, general manager Landry Fields has no other concerns about the acquisition he made just to acquire Dejounte Murray for the Atlanta Hawks.

In an interview with Lauren Williams of Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fields provided a lengthy perspective on why he doesn’t regret pulling down the trigger for Murray.

“Here’s what absolutely has to be said and understood is that Dejounte Murray is a huge part of what we did,” Fields said. “Everything we did to get him, I would do 10 times out of 10 for what we’re trying to build from everything that we’ve talked about, from the vision to the day-in-day process of our development, to how guys interact with one another. Dejounte’s a huge piece of that moving forward. And as far as how that whole process went, to me, it’s simply about when we get to a room, not everyone is always going to agree with things. Like that’s the beauty of it to me. And if we were we’d live in an echo chamber confirmation bias, and all of a sudden, we have group think entering the picture. There’s going to be situations where people disagree on how we should do certain things, or what we should be going after, or what we should be giving up. And that’s all part of the process.”

In hopes of catapulting themselves towards the rising challenge being offered by the Eastern Conference, Atlanta committed on a bold move, orchestrating a gigantic deal and sent a lucrative package that holds their three future picks to the San Antonio Spurs to land Murray.

Amid garnering hopes that they would be a force to be reckoned with, the Hawks have found themselves still adjusting. Murray sharing the ball with fellow backcourt star Trae Young remains in progress as the season moves along – which sparked questions if the trade that was made was fully worth it.

Currently, the Hawks are ninth in the East with a fair 22-22 record. While this may seem a considerable slugging movement for them, they can only hope that the next steps forward will offer such clarity on their desired direction upward.

“But at the end of the day, we got Dejounte Murray, who was an All-Star, who had a fantastic role in San Antonio that we wanted to bring out of that and incorporate more and more into what we’re doing here with the Hawks.”

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