Harry Giles rode emotional highs and lows to secure an NBA roster spot


Photo: Brooklyn Nets /Twitter

Harry Giles faced emotional highs and lows in his journey to secure an NBA roster spot. Overcoming multiple knee surgeries since high school and a torn ACL that kept him out of the league for two years, Giles earned an Exhibit 9 contract with the Nets.

The final confirmation of making the roster came after Brooklyn’s last preseason game when general manager Sean Marks delivered the news during a workout, leading to a heartfelt moment for Giles.

“Oh, man, it was crazy, bro. I called my mom when I got to the room. I wanted to cry when I first found out, but I was around so many people and I was still lifting,” Giles said.

“So I was trying to focus on my lift. I was sweating out hard and I was trying to get through the day. I was still kind of hyped about myself. So once I got to the room, I just laid on the bed and I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’

“My mom was like ‘Has it hit you yet?’ I’m like, ‘Nah, it still ain’t hit me. It still hasn’t hit me. I still feel like I’m in camp trying to make the team. That’s a good thing: keep me in that mindset. But I’m happy to be here and this is amazing.”

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