Gilbert Arenas was scared when Isaiah Stewart confronted him for defending LeBron James


Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

During the 2021-22 season, an altercation occurred between the Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart of the Detroit Pistons.

It appears that Gilbert Arenas’ post-incident remarks didn’t sit comfortably with Stewart. The former point guard, now retired, shared a story of how Stewart confronted him in person, following a lengthy social media message Arenas sent to Stewart, which he admitted was a mistake.

“Reality was kind of like this,” Arenas said. “Me and B-Roy (Brandon Roy) was talking. … And then, s—, like, ‘Oh, s—. Hey, big fella.’ He was bigger than I thought. He big on TV. I got a big TV. He was big on TV, but he was really big in person, and then he came with Debo energy, right? So, I backed up, like, ‘Hey, how you doing big fella?’

“And I was looking him up and down, but not like how I – it was in my head. It was more like, ‘Huh? Okay. Yeah.’ … I even tried to go, ‘Hey, I was just playing. Hey, I don’t want to fight.’ I ain’t gonna lie. I didn’t have my gun on me. Don’t laugh at me. Oh, I’m supposed to get my a– whooped all down them Tacoma hallway. Is you crazy?”

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