Gilbert Arenas on D’Angelo Russell: “Get the fu*k off my team”


Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas put the Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell on blast with an expletive-laden rant after DLo’s horrific showing during the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets on Monday.

“They want to shoot shots after the game … you should’ve shot it during the game,” Arenas said. “How many shots did (D’Angelo Russell) take after last game? Probably like 200. Then come the next game to take two shots?! Man, get the fu*k off of my team. The fu*k you doin’ on my team for? If I’m watching you, and you’re taking two, three hundred shots, and you come in the NBA game, the last game, and you take four fu*king shots? Alright, good job. Fu*k off my team.”

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