Gilbert Arenas: Nikola Jokic won’t be “super megastar” because he doesn’t have “IT”


Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

Nikola Jokic has led the Nuggets to their first ever NBA Finals this year and has a chance to win his as well as the team’s first championship.

The Serbian center is a two-time NBA MVP and one of the biggest stars in the league. Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas thinks that Jokic will not lift his stardom any further because he doesn’t have “IT” that would make the young basketball fans excited.

“We’re hoopers so we can see the importance of players. But the NBA is not built off of that. They don’t survive off that. They never have,” Arenas told fellow former NBA player JJ Redick.

“Tim Duncan was four rings in and when he went to go win his fifth one, we said ‘Oh sh*t, this is boring.’ Nobody wants to see Tim Duncan and the Spurs in the championship. That’s just facts. No matter how many rings they won. No one really cared about the Spurs like that.

“Jokic can win this championship No one’s going to care. Let’s just be honest. I’m sorry. He’s going to go from where he is right now to this super megastar because he’s not doing anything kids want to see. It’s the players, their personality. Jokic is great but he doesn’t have “IT.”

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