George Karl: In last 15 seasons, Nuggets have same number of rings as Lakers!


Photo: NBA/YouTube screenshot

George Karl, the former NBA coach, has ignited a debate with his recent comments on Lakers championships, likely causing ripples among the team’s ardent fan base.

Karl’s tweet stated: “Lakers fans always hype their championships. But the truth is they all happened pre ABA merger and as a direct result of 4 icons (Magic, KAJ, Kobe, and Shaq). In the last 15 seasons, the Denver Nuggets have the same number of rings as the Lakers! *’20 bubble rings don’t count.”

Karl’s remarks underline his belief that the Lakers’ 17 championships are historically significant but largely driven by the presence of legendary players from the past.

The Lakers, despite the controversy, remain tied with the Boston Celtics for the record of most NBA championships.

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