Former Warriors’ Rookie Recalls How He Made Stephen Curry Spit Water On The Court After A Timeout


Warriors’ Stephen Curry is one of the nicest guys around the league, till the time he is instigated, after which he turns into someone else 

The 2019 NBA Playoffs were claimed to be the last instance of the Warriors Dynasty. With Kevin Durant tearing his Achilles, signing with Brooklyn, and Klay Thompson suffering an ACL injury, things were looking bleak for the Dubs. After being on top of the NBA for five years, the Dubs had bothered quite a few franchises. They all took turns getting back at the Dubs when they were down.

Despite everything that happened, teams and talking heads seemed to forget Stephen Curry’s brilliance. Opponent players thought they could do what Steph does, and would come up and trash talk him. However, the greatest shooter of all time doesn’t need to respond with words, he lets his game do the same for him.

Such an instance occurred in the 2020-21 season when the Dubs hosted the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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Nico Mannion recalls how he made Stephen Curry spit water

Stephen Curry is not one known for his trash talk. He usually stays quiet. During that game against the Wolves, the Dubs had a commanding lead, when Malik Beasley hit two or three triples in a row, causing the Dubs to take a timeout. He then proceeded to come near the Dubs bench and go ‘BOOM’.

Steph did not take this kindly and returned the favor. He dropped several three-pointers of his own, which caused the Wolves to take a timeout, at which point, Curry went to their bench and went ‘BOOM’.

After the timeout, Steph was drinking water and walking back to the court. At that point, then rookie Nico Mannion asked Steph to give him another ‘BOOM’. This made the 2x MVP burst into laughter, causing him to spit all the water on the court.

The entire conversation with Nico can be caught here:

This whole tale just goes to show how the 2022 Finals MVP doesn’t really need to say many words to shut his opponents up.

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