Former NBA player Kenyon Martin roasts Knicks’ Julius Randle for kissing wife right after playoff contest – Basketball Insiders


Right after New York kept their campaign alive last week and forced the Miami Heat to Game 6 in their semifinal series, Julius Randle decided to kiss his wife courtside, as he’s usually very loving with his family when they visit him at Madison Square Garden.

However, one ex-NBA player found that disturbing and shared his views about it on Gilbert Arena’s podcast, explaining why he considers those actions have no place in a postgame celebration. We are talking about Kenyon Martin, who said he was “bothered” by their interaction after the final buzzer.

“We just got done playing a hard fought game in a playoff series and the first thing [Randle does] is you go kiss his wife,” he expressed on “Gil’s Arena” podcast. “That’s the first thing you do? Where is your mind at? The very first thing he did, dawg, when the game was over.”

Martin, whose son plays for the Houston Rockets, said he watched the match at home with his partner.

“I am sitting there watching the game with my wife. I’m like, ‘I love you to death, but ain’t no way in that incident. I’m gonna be with my guys. We just got done winning, I’m not even thinking about you,” he said.

The former NBA athlete was invited over on a panel with many other of Gil’s friends and analysts, all talking about the hate Randle has received from New York fans even though he was recently selected as part of the All-NBA third team.

Arenas, on the other hand, could understand why the Knicks foward feels the need to embrace his family especially after he’s not been recieving support from the club’s fanbase.

Wife Kendra responded politely on social media, saying she feels proud of her husband

“Slow news day I guess,” Kendra Randle started out her social media post in response to Martin’s remarks.

“Both of us grew up in single-parent homes. We never saw our dads respect our mothers. I’m so grateful my kids get to grow up watching their dad be the best father and husband,” she wrote, adding later than the press should dedicate their spaces to “talk about real issues.”

Martin was later exposed on social media, as many fans assure to have witnessed the former NBA athlete hug his own son courtside during Rockets contests.

According to a fan on Twitter, Randle is also commonly seen hugging his 6-year-old son Kyden.

“Kenyon Martin doesn’t watch Knicks games. He doesn’t know Julius Randle always kisses his son and wife after home game wins. Knicks fans, stop agreeing with people who don’t watch your team’s games,” the account posted.

Julius’ partner Kendra finished her reply by explaining that after the victory, she saw no problem in sharing a loving moment with the NBA star.

“By the way that game was after a win. He would never be in the mood to kiss or even talk after a loss lol. But talk about real issues. Not a husband and father loving his family,” she concluded.

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