Former NBA player Isaac Humphries comes out as gay to teammates and admits he considered suicide


Isaac Humphries, an Australian basketball star who played at the University of Kentucky (NCAA) and played in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks, has opened up about his sexuality and the mental battles he had to go through.

He did not come out as gay during his NBA career and none of his teammates knew until this point.

Humphries has now written a column for CNN to share that he is gay.

“I have hidden something about myself my whole life, from everyone I love, and even myself sometimes,” Humphries said.

“It is a truth about myself that I have wanted to deny for a long time, but now I feel comfortable in telling you all. That truth, is that I am gay.

“I figured out a lot about myself during this most recent off-season, and I have thought about this a lot. I knew if I were to join a team and start a season, I knew I would have to reveal who I am and not hide anymore.

“I have finally come to a point where I know I can reveal myself as a gay man and still play professional sport.”

Humphries admitted that in 2020 he contemplated suicide after suffering a deep depression.

The power forward says a time in Los Angeles recovering from injury helped him change his thinking about how he approaches his sexuality.

“In LA, it was completely different,” Humphries added. “I was around some of the most successful people in the world – everyone from musicians, television and film producers, media personalities, A-list celebrities – and got to see that being openly gay can come with joy.

“For the first time in my life, I saw that people at the top of their game can be open and honest about who they are, and that came with a visceral and contagious happiness.

“So while in LA in 2021 to fix my injuries, I also got to experience more of being around the LGBTQ+ community. It was mostly through making friends who were openly gay and unequivocally themselves – shame wasn’t even a consideration.

“I learned so much about the experiences people in our community go through, and was shocked at the number of stories that were eerily similar to mine.”

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