Execs believe NBA could slap at least half a season suspension vs Ja Morant – insider


Photo: Memphis Grizzlies/Twitter

As Ja Morant revived his notorious status after a recent gun display in an Instagram live, this could eventually prompt the NBA to fully execute their iron hand.

Per Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, several executives believe that Morant might face at least half a season suspension in wake of another controversy he made for himself.

“Irresponsible,” “reckless,” and “potentially very dangerous” is how Silver framed Morant’s actions just two months earlier. What must the commissioner be thinking now? A 20-game suspension has to be automatic. Rival executives believe half a season—or more—isn’t out of the question.

Another exec tells SI, “[Adam Silver has] got to set an example.”

A recent Instagram live has surfaced on the league’s social media field which shows Morant displaying a firearm in his left hand. This ultimately resulted in another public uproar given the process he took from the first gun incident he made two months ago.

From all of the criticisms, suspension, endorsement cancellations, and therapy he took, Morant has taken another hard road for himself. With both the league and the Memphis Grizzlies now reviewing the viral clip, it is expected that he won’t go away with such ease this time if compared to the initial one.

With the league trying to separate itself from danger and blemishes while promoting a positive outlook as a world-class sports organization, their impending decision on Morant can’t be more anticipated.

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