Erik Spoelstra on the differences between the NBA and FIBA games


Photo: USA Basketball/Twitter

The Miami Heat’s head coach Erik Spoelstra, who serves on Steve Kerr’s coaching staff for the national team, possesses an understanding of the variances between NBA and FIBA games and knows how to adjust and secure victories accordingly.

“The game is different. From the very first day of training camp, Steve did a great job of trying to prepare everybody for the rules, the slight differences, how the game is officiated, shorter games, the pacing could be different, and possessions mean a lot more. There are no three defensive seconds, but our guys take that as a challenge to conquer the FIBA game and these great teams,” Spoelstra said to Взял Мяч.

“You have to find different solutions to different challenges. You can’t always play the style you want. Both teams will be scouting; we would like to play with speed, quickness, and in the open court. Teams are trying to get us into a half-court game, but you have to show collective fortitude and sometimes find different solutions to get a win.”

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