Erdem Can: “Darius Thompson is not the same as Vasilije Micic”



Anadolu Efes overhauled their roster with eight new players, including the addition of Darius Thompson from Baskonia and Turkish BSL MVP Tyrique Jones, who played alongside the new head coach of Turkish champions Erdem Can in Ankara last season.

“The team’s picture is clear,” Erdem Can said. “We have several very successful players at the EuroLeague level. In addition to them, we have players who are hungry for success and have potential. We also have young players who are just starting to play at the EuroLeague level.

“So, everyone has their own story. Some will enhance their success even further and write their own story. Some will prove that they can be permanent here. But every player has potential.”

Thompson essentially filled the void left by Vasilije Micic, who joined the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder.

“Darius Thompson’s characteristics are not the same as Vasilije Micic’s, but our team is not the same team either,” Can said. “We will try to build a structure where everyone can work together, get the most out of what they can do, and produce better results when they are together.

“So, I don’t think we operate in an environment where we compare Vasa with Darius or assess players’ performances from last season or previous seasons. Because there are new players with them, there’s a new coach, and there’s a new basketball philosophy. We are working to see how much we can grow together with the right chemistry.”

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