Draymond Green’s game plan: Respond to Lakers’ punches in Game 6


The Warriors are facing a must-win Game 6 against the Lakers in the Western Conference Semifinals, and Draymond Green knows they must draw from past experiences to succeed. Green, known for his defensive prowess, scored 20 points in Game 5 to keep the Warriors alive in the series.

After the game, Green was reminded about the 2016 Western Conference Finals when the Warriors came back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Thunder. He said, “You always try to draw from those experiences. You look back and I think experience in life is no matter what the situation is, we all look to that experience when our backs are against the wall.”

Green emphasized the importance of responding to the Lakers’ punches, saying, “You just got to keep fighting and knowing that this team is going to come out and give us their best punch and you got to take that punch and respond. If you respond, they’ll punch again and you have to respond again.”

The Lakers, led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, will undoubtedly come out with intensity in Game 6. But Green and the Warriors are ready to be aggressive from the start and impose their will on the game. “We’ll come out and we have to be aggressive from the gate and try to get the game at the pace and tempo that we wanted at and try to impose our will on the game,” he said.

The Warriors are looking to continue their comeback story and force a Game 7. As Green said, “If you can do that, then the game tends to flip your way.”

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