Draymond Green on Steve Kerr’s comments: “That means the world to me”


Draymond Green received the ultimate praise from Warriors head coach Steve Kerr during the end of season press conference.

Kerr said that if Green does not return for next year, then Golden State is no longer a championship contender. The forward, who has to make an important decision about his future this summer, was especially thankful for this comment.

“Number one, I’m thankful,” Green told Stephen A. Smith on ESPN. “For him to speak about me in that light and say if I’m not there there’s no chance for championship, that means the world to me. I’ve been in a battle with coach Kerr for nine years now. It’s been an incredible journey. So I’m thankful for that.

“But I’m even more thankful for him speaking on the trust that was lost, for him speaking on what was compromised because it allows me to finally put that behind and move past. I learned so much from coach Kerr this year. If there was a hole he was plugging it, if it was one over here he was plugging it. He taught me so much about leadership this year. And so I’m extremely thankful.

“I’m also thankful that he put that out there that way. As you know, I’m not one to hide from anything. So for him to put that there that way, I don’t like to just stand in the face of everyone when thinks are going good. I like to stand in the face of everyone even more when things are going bad.

“And this was one of those things where it was hard for us to recover from. I agree. There’s things that I have to do as one of the leaders of this team and continuing to make this engine go. And I understand that and there’s a lot of work to be done this summer.”

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