Draymond Green Next Team Odds If Not Warriors 2023


Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors has a $27,586,224 player option for the 2023-24 season, and sportsbooks have now released his next team odds for when and if the four-time All-Star decides to test the open market this offseason. Check out the next team odds below.

According to the BetOnline sportsbook, the Sacramento Kings (+400) are the betting favorites to sign the 11-year veteran, followed by the Los Angeles Clippers (+500), Phoenix Suns (+600), and Detroit Pistons (+600). Since Green was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and attended Michigan State, he could sign with Detroit.

Draymond Green Next Team Odds If Not Warriors In 2023 NBA Offseason: Kings Top Favorites

Sacramento Kings (+400)

Draymond Green signing with the Sacramento Kings this offseason seems unlikely. Although the Michigan native could still potentially remain in California, the four-time NBA champ will only sign with Sacramento if the price is right.

In 2019, Green inked a four-year, $99.6 million extension with Golden State. He earned $25,806,468 with the Warriors this 2022-23 season. However, it might not be about the money or championships at this point of his career.

Last October, an anonymous NBA executive told Heavy Sports that Draymond Green would be open to playing for either the Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons, or Los Angeles Lakers. The Los Angeles Clippers are another option as well.

“He has always thought about playing for Detroit, helping his hometown of Flint at the same time,” explained the source. “He would love to play with a superstar like Luka [Doncic] where he has to just play off him.

“And he is clutch. You know he loves being on the barbershop show with LeBron James. He wants to have an entertainment career when he is done playing. You don’t need to be in L.A. for that, but it helps.”

Los Angeles Clippers (+500)

Next, the Los Angeles Clippers hold second-best odds to land Draymond Green this offseason. The two-time All-NBA member never listed the Clippers as a preferred team to play for in any past interview. But Green could very well pursue an entertainment career in Hollywood after he retires from basketball.

That point was made clear on “The Draymond Green Show” on YouTube. He would also have the chance to play alongside Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Russell Westbrook.

“There is a limit on how much they’re going to spend to keep this thing together,” the NBA executive added. “Because they have young guys just about every position, they’re approaching it like there’s no one outside of Steph [Curry] that they have to keep.”

Phoenix Suns (+600)

Additionally, Draymond Green has left no indications about a possible move to Phoenix. Playing for the Suns would be a mixed bag. In December, Mat Ishbia agreed with then-majority Suns owner Robert Sarver to acquire the franchise and WNBA team Phoenix Mercury for $4 billion. New ownership can be a step in the right direction for any professional sports team.

Moreover, Green could play with Chris Paul, Devin Booker, and reunite with former Warriors teammate Kevin Durant. But would the eight-time All-Defensive member want to play with Phoenix? Draymond Green’s past history and future goals show otherwise. He has ties to California and Michigan. Arizona? Not so much. Paul returning to the Suns is not a sure-fire outcome as well.

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