Drake’s Prediction for Lionel Messi and Argentina Has Fans in Shock, but Stephen Curry Gives Them Hope: Here’s How


The world cup is coming to its end today after a month full of action. 32 teams started the tournament and now only two left, fighting for the glory and the trophy. Yesterday Croatia defeated Morocco by 2-1 and confirmed 3rd place for itself.


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Many fans are excited by the legends of the game. Big names like Mbappe and Lionel Messi will be on the ground today. While fans are ready to witness the action, many celebrities are coming out with their predictions and tell fans which team they support.

Names like Adele, Harry Styles and now Drake had made the headlines by talking about his favorite team in the FIFA finals.


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Argentina had a bad start to the tournament as they lost their first match shockingly against Saudi Arabia. The team then went on to win every single match and ended up in the finals of the world cup.

The team is looking to create history as winning the world cup means that they will be the second team after Spain in 2006 to win a World Cup after losing their first match.

Drake has a reputation of a curse assigned to his predictions. He loose in every prediction he makes. Only last month, drake lost millions of dollars in bets on various matches across multiple sports.

Drake sides with Lionel Messi?

While talking about the finals drake said that he will side with Argentina to win the World Cup. This might make Argentinian fans a bit sad as the Canadian star has some questionable predictions in the past that he probably doesn’t want to talk about.

Here is how fans reacted to his prediction:


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Drake also had made millions betting on the NBA. Earlier this year, drake bet around $140,000 on Golden State Warriors making it to NBA play and came as the winner from the Western Conference, from which he won around 700k USD thanks to an out-of-the-world performance by Stephen Curry.


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He had also won around $2 million after betting on the Los Angeles Rams in the 2022 Super Bowl. Well, fans have all kinds of mixed feelings about this prediction, however, this game will be decided by the plays of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe and their teams.


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France started its campaign very well by winning two matches. However, they did lose the last group stage match, but they had already solidified their space in the next round. France won the next matches easily and is looking confident enough to win the finals. Winning the finals will make the third team in history to win two back-to-back World Cups.

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