Doctor explains Anthony Davis head injury


Brian Sutterer MD, a sports medicine and rehabilitation specialist, has shared his insight on Anthony Davis’ head injury in Game 5 of the Western Conference Semifinals.

Davis left the game early after being hit in the head by Kevon Looney’s elbow and was taken off the court in a wheelchair with 7:34 minutes left to play. Sutterer believes there is a real concern that Davis could miss some time, even if it’s just a concussion.

During the game, Davis played 32 minutes, scored 23 points, and grabbed 9 rebounds. However, he showed concerning signs after getting hit in the head. “Dizziness, loss of balance after getting hit in the head is a very concerning sign of a possible concussion,” Sutterer said.

Sutterer suspects that Davis may have suffered eye or orbital trauma or even an orbital fracture. “But at a minimum, a concussion,” he added. Sutterer’s insight aligns with Lakers head coach Darvin Ham’s post-game update that there is concern about Davis’ injury.

“The NBA doesn’t rally outline as much detail with how long that return process has to take. It has to be gradual, it has to be in a stepwise manner. Once the athlete or Anthony Davis is asymptomatic,” Sutterer said.

“Now, with a concussion oftentimes symptoms can be delayed and so the Lakers will have to check in with hm tomorrow, see if he’s developing any symptoms even if they don’t diagnose him with a concussion today. But it sort of enters this little gray area. Because again we might not hear a specific diagnosis…

“I would be surprised if symptoms resolve quickly enough to where he’s able to ramp back up and play a couple of days assuming that he is diagnosed wit ha concussion.”

If Davis does have a concussion, he may have to miss some time, which would be a significant blow to the Lakers’ playoff hopes. They lost Game 5 by a score of 106-121 but still lead 3-2 in the series.

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