Dillon Brooks embraces his villain persona on the court: “It’s just like Kobe Bryant”


Dillon Brooks, renowned for his defensive prowess, delivered a scintillating performance with a game-high 39 points, leading Canada to its historic bronze medal win against Team USA in overtime (127-118).

Despite the cheers and ‘MVP’ chants from the crowd, Brooks is no stranger to being the antagonist on the court, earning himself a reputation as an NBA villain.

After the thrilling bronze medal game, Brooks was asked about his role as a basketball “villain.” “It’s just a persona,” he said. “People love it. I’ve grown to love it myself.

“It’s just like Kobe Bryant, RIP to Kobe Bryant, how he had to figure out how to create a Black Mamba, a different persona when he comes on the court.

“I guess that’s my persona, the villain. Just on the court. But I’m a loving caring guy who loves my kids, loves my family, loves my teammates, just loves the world as well,” Brooks said.

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