Detroit Pistons Ruthlessly Trolled Kyrie Irving By Showing A Spinning Earth And Happy Hanukkah Graphic


The Detroit Pistons arena staff decided to mock Kyrie Irving’s controversial comments by showing him graphics while he was taking a free throw.

Kyrie Irving is not one of the most liked men in basketball right now. Fans seem divided on the veteran point guard, as his abilities on the court are unquestionable, but his comments off the court are. His unavailability over the last 2 seasons has also affected how people perceive him. However, Kyrie is playing whenever he can this season.

Since coming back from his suspension, Kyrie and Kevin Durant have led the Brooklyn Nets to an inspired run of wins which sees them sit with a 19-12 record. That isn’t enough to make people forget about what he said, as the Detroit Pistons arena crew played mind games with Irving by showing a ‘Happy Hannukah’ graphic and a spinning globe to mock some of Irving’s previous statements.

Happy Hanukkah makes fun of Kyrie’s most recent controversy that was rife with anti-Semitism, while the spinning globe mocks an older Irving comment about the earth possibly being flat

Is The Hate For Kyrie Irving Warranted?

An arena doing this to Irving may be a bit over the line. The Pistons aren’t going to make a playoff run if they beat the Nets in December, and mocking some very publicly bad moments for Irving in the middle of a game is not a good look for the 8-24 team.

Fans will remain split on whether Irving’s hate is justified. Actions off the court matter in today’s sporting landscape, and Irving has made many of his fans upset by what he’s been saying. However, his play on the court is excellent right now, and basketball concerns itself with winning and winning alone. The Nets won against the Pistons, with Irving having a big game, so he’s not worried about jibes from the arena staff. 

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