Dennis Schroder reacts to LeBron James comments about retirement


Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube screenshot

After the Lakers’ disappointing sweep by the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals, guard Dennis Schroder expressed his belief that LeBron James still has plenty of basketball left in him. Schroder’s comments came in response to James’ recent remarks about considering retirement during the offseason.

Schroder acknowledged James’ incredible performance in Game 4, where the 38-year-old superstar played the entire game, recording an impressive stat line of 40 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists. The Lakers guard couldn’t fathom the idea of James retiring, considering the exceptional display of skill and contribution he showcased in a crucial playoff game.

Expressing his support for James, Schroder emphasized that the team would back his decision regardless. However, he expressed his hope that James would continue playing, highlighting his belief that James still possesses the energy and talent to compete at the highest level for a few more seasons.

“I can’t see that … To retire and the last game in the playoffs you make 40, 10, and 9? I think you still got juice to play a couple more years. Whatever he decides…We’re going to support him…Hopefully, he comes back,” Schroder said, via Michael Corvo.

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