Debunking the Most Common Sports Betting Myths That Exist Today


Sports betting is a common practice dating all the way back to Ancient Rome. Romans could bet on chariot races or the circus.

The gambling industry has gone through various ups and downs over the years. Over time, various rules and regulations have been put in place to ensure citizens are protected.

Gambling was even illegal in some countries at some moment. There are still a few countries that have banned gambling! When it comes to gambling there are various myths and ideas floating around which aren’t the most accurate depiction of gambling. So, keep reading to find out more about common sports betting myths.

Bookmakers Fix Matches

Everyone has heard the rumors that bookies fix matches. While there have been a few instances where bookmakers have worked with athletes to fix matches, this is extremely rare. The few times this has happened it quickly reached international news and all parties involved were affected.

The few instances of this happening and disgruntled bettors trash-talking bookmakers are what caused this myth to become widespread.

This myth is not something you should worry about. Bookmakers make a profit if you have a successful wager, so it doesn’t make sense for them to rig the game. With their professional reputation on the line, it doesn’t make sense to lose it for one rigged game.

No One Wins in the Long Term

There’s a common misconception that gamblers always lose in the long run. While luck is definitely involved when it comes to betting, there are many aspects that determine how successful you’ll be.

The type of gambling you do plays a large role. Betting, slots, roulette, and poker are all a form of gambling, but there is more than just luck involved. As soon as the odds aren’t purely derived from math and human error gets added to the mix, it becomes a game of skill.

Bettors need to take human error into account and exploit these misjudgments to make a profit. When it comes to betting on sports you’ll do your homework and evaluate your odds before you place your bet. It isn’t simply the luck of the draw.

It can take time and effort to develop a winning strategy. So if you lose a few bets it simply means you need to adjust your strategy.

Fixed Odds Aren’t Profitable

Fixed odds betting is a traditional form of betting. The bookmaker offers odds on a specific outcome in a match. If that outcome happens, the bookmaker will pay the original stake and the winnings.

For example, if the odds of something happening are 10/1, then the bookmaker will pay the original stake and 10x the stake as the winnings. When it comes to fixed odds betting the possible profit or loss is fixed, so you know the odds and how much you stand to win or lose.

There is no proof that fixed odds can’t be profitable. Like all types of gambling, there are dangers involved. There is no guarantee you’ll win, but fixed odds don’t lessen the possibility of winning.

If you use the appropriate strategies when it comes to betting, you can be successful in betting on professional sports games. Betting with considerable odds can be successful as it’s just as uncertain as betting with low odds. Betting with high odds is not a certainty, but the more money you stand to win overall, the better your odds are.

Predictions exist for a reason. There are even sites that run simulations for picks and parlays NCAAB games.

Bookmakers Offer the Same Odds

This shouldn’t even be considered a myth, it’s simply untrue. Bookmakers won’t use the same odds. If they did there would be no need for different bookies.

Betting organizations compete against each other to get bettors to work with them. Bookmakers make money when you win, so they want you to pick them.

If you’re thinking of getting into sports betting you need to consider the various bookmakers that you can place a wager with.

Online Betting Isn’t Legal

While it depends on which country you’re in, generally speaking, this isn’t true. Most nations have legislation that allows legal sports betting.

Some of the best online betting companies partner with teams and leagues to sponsor events. This is a surefire way to determine if it is legal to bet on the match as illegal bookies won’t advertise so publically.

You Need to Be a Math Whiz

Betting is all math and numbers, so it’s a common misconception that you need to be a math whiz to be successful when betting. While it’s important to understand the basics behind the math, you don’t need much more than a good understanding.

Your chances of success increase if you understand the numbers, this is why novices often struggle as it can seem unclear in the beginning. You can gain the necessary knowledge to understand how betting works, no need to be a math prodigy.

Debunking Sports Betting Myths

When it comes to sports betting myths, more often than not you should take whatever you hear with a pinch of salt. There is a lot of hearsay and gossip when it comes to the gambling industry. It’s best to always do your due diligence before you believe what you hear, especially when it comes to betting on professional sports.

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