Darvin Ham responds to Steve Kerr: “We don’t teach flopping”


After losing Game 4 against the Lakers, Steve Kerr accused his opponent of flopping to get to the free-throw line. He has further called the NBA to penalize flopping.

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham addressed Kerr’s comments after Game 5 by denying any accusations of his players flopping. “We play physical brand of basketball. We don’t teach flopping. We don’t teach head snaps,” Ham said.

“You see Bron, he has thousand scratches on his arms. Same with AD, same with Austin Reaves, same with Lonnie Walker IV. It’s unfortunate that it comes to that, but we hadn’t done it all year. We’re damn sure not going to start now looking for third party to dive in and help us.

“We’re just going to coach our team, we’re just going to play the way we play that physical, forceful brand of basketball and just let chips fall where they may.”

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