Darvin Ham on how Dennis Schroder fits into Lakers rotation



Dennis Schroder is back on the Lakers after splitting last year between the Celtics and Rockets. The 29-year-old German point guard is set to make his season debut on Sunday against the Pistons.

This year Los Angeles has options at the point guard position with Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley and also Kendrick Nunn being able to play in that spot.

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham was asked about finding a place for Schroder in his team’s rotation. “He’s another talented skilled player that can dribble, pass and shoot, and defend his behind off. He’ll fit right in,” he said.

“We’ll figure it out. That’s our job as a staff to figure out where to plug guys and who to play who with. But at the end of the day everybody has to be on the same page and same accord in terms of how we want to play and he fits right in.

“He and Thomas [Bryant]. They’re both competitive, they both love the togetherness, care about their teammates and they’re both willing to acknowledge that if they made a mistake and it’s handle it the right way if one of their teammates are off a little bit. We’re excited, we’re excited to get them. But we’ll figure it out where and when to plug them in.”

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