Darvin Ham admits Lakers players wanted LeBron James to break scoring record in loss vs. Thunder


The Lakers dropped the game against the Thunder that they would have expected to win, especially at this point of the season when they try to jump into the postseason.

But the focus from the people around and apparently inside the court was on LeBron James breaking the NBA scoring record. It did happen, but the Lakers lost 130-133.

Darvin Ham admitted after the game that his players were focused on making sure that James breaks the record and it affected the way that the team played.

“It kind of felt like… 66 points is a lot of points to score in a half, yet still we gave up 76,” Ham said. “Our defense had its lows early and late. Offense, I think, got stagnant.

“The guys they wanted to Bron what he did tonight. A lot of times I think the focus was more about trying to get Bron to the record as opposed to just playing natural basketball. We were able to make some good plays and he did what he did, he eclipsed the record. We just had too many mistakes.”

The Lakers lost their last two games and are currently in the 13th place in the Western Conference with 25 wins and 30 losses.

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