Charles Barkley: Watching ‘dumba- Celtics’ play in G7 was making my head hurt


Photo: Bleacher Report/Twitter

The Celtics entered halftime down 52-41 in Game 7, and retired NBA player-turned-TNT analyst Charles Barkley was already tired of watching Boston play. 

“Watching these dumba– Celtics play is making my head hurt,” Barkley said on TNT’s halftime show. 

“I can’t let it go, man, because if you just come to the game and say, ‘We’re just going to jack up three’s and if we win, we going to win, and if we miss them we’re going to lose,’” he continued.

“It’s so bad to watch them play. There’s no ball movement,” Barkley added. “There’s no body movement. It’s just frustrating watching a team with this much talent just play stupid.”

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