Chandler Parsons on Patrick Beverley’s ‘too small’ celebration vs. LeBron James


Photo: YouTube/screenshot

Former NBA player Chandler Parsons shared his thoughts on Patrick Beverley doing ‘too small’ celebration against LeBron James in the Bulls’ win over the Lakers.

According to him, there are no hard feelings between Pat Bev and his former teammates. Beverley said the same thing after the game.

“If anything, it’s pure entertainment, right? It’s comedy,” Parsons said on FanDuel TV. “He played as well as he can. Knowing him and knowing the guys, it’s nothing personal. It’s not like LeBron or any of these guys in locker room dislike Patrick Beverley.

“When he’s on your team, man you love him. He’s just one of those guys, he is an absolute annoyance, he is a pest to play against but you want him on your team.

“And things like this, this is hilarious and the timing is perfect. He is probably a partner and has a deal with Charmin. But just the idea that he’s calling them soft and everything he said about going in there.

“And it didn’t end well in there. He’s been very vocal about his time in L.A. and this was a dream scenario for him. he kind of hurt their chances slightly, they went to their place where he used to play, got the win.”

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