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Here’s Trail Blazers small forward Cam Reddish reflecting on his time with the Knicks, via the NY Daily News:

Cam Reddish spent most of his time in New York on the bench, a former lottery pick with a career that was derailing on a team and coach of ill fit.

But as the 23-year-old was losing a season to DNPs, Reddish took solace in his belief that the benching wasn’t about basketball.

“It was tough but at the same time, it ain’t even about basketball,” Reddish told the Daily News. “It had nothing to do with basketball. It was all the politics, all the favoritism. S–t like that. That’s why I wasn’t too worried about it.” …

“I’m in a completely different place. Now I’m blessed. Not everybody gets another opportunity so it’s refreshing,” said Reddish, the 10th overall pick in 2019. “I got some great teammates. Great staff. It’s real positive around here. Win, lose or draw. It’s not somebody beating you over your head — not that that was happening in New York — but it’s more my style.”

Reddish is currently a full-time member of Portland’s rotation.

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