Bruce Brown says he’s happy to not be playing ‘big man role’ anymore


Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

Bruce Brown recently revealed that he was super excited about signing with the Denver Nuggets last summer because of the opportunity to play guard.

(via Denver Nuggets):

Reporter: “Going back to free agency, how are you evaluating things in that situation? Are you taking into account relationships with Calvin [Booth] and Coach Malone, or is it strictly role and opportunity?”

Brown: “I really haven’t thought about free agency at all. Oh, last year? Yeah, it was just fit and then they basically said what I wanted to hear because I wanted to get out of that 4 man, big man role, floater game, and show what I can do. And the first thing they said, ‘You can come here and be a guard because Jamal [Murray] was coming off injury and Mike [Porter Jr.] was coming off injury.’ That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. So that was a perfect fit.”

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