Bronny James Should Pick College & Go to USC


As the son of NBA legend LeBron James, Bronny James has basketball in his blood. The 5-star recruit in the class of 2023 has generated a considerable buzz in the basketball world. Now, NBA superstar Kevin Durant is weighing in on what he thinks Bronny should do after high school, and that is play college basketball at USC.

Bronny Needs to Prove it on Big State KD Says

While Bronny James has yet to make a decision on his future, Kevin Durant believes he should follow in his footsteps and play college basketball. Durant, who played for the University of Texas for one season and earned the National College Player of the Year award in 2007, has a strong opinion on the matter.

In a recent podcast, two-time NBA champion, Durant said, “There’s still some amazing talent in college right now. With so many different routes, the OTEs, going overseas, going to Australia, all that stuff is cool. But still going to college, I feel like that’s a great route because it’s still on the big stage. You still got to show who you are on that big stage. And the tournament is still a huge thing… I would love to see Bronny in college instead of going the other route.”

KD Sees Bronny as a Trojan

When his Boardroom TV co-host suggested the University of Southern California (USC) as a possible choice for Bronny, Durant agreed. “That’s what my guess was, too,” KD said. “Was it USC, Oregon, and Duke? It’s going to obviously be easy for Bron to catch the games if he’s at USC.”

The younger James is still undecided on where he will play, but fans are eagerly awaiting his decision. With several options on the table, including playing overseas or joining a professional league like the NBA G League or the Overtime Elite (OTE), the pressure is on for Bronny to make a choice.

As the son of one of the greatest basketball players of all time, expectations are high for Bronny. LeBron has already stated that one of his biggest goals is to play in the NBA with his son. While it remains to be seen if Bronny can live up to the hype, his talent and potential are undeniable.

In the end, the decision ultimately rests with Bronny and his family. As fans and basketball enthusiasts alike await his choice, it’s clear that the young athlete has a bright future ahead of him. Whether he takes the college route and potentially joins USC or opts for a different path, one thing is certain – Bronny James is destined for greatness on the court.

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