Brandon Miller molded his game after Paul George


In less than a month, top prospects around the nation will wait to hear their names called at the 2023 NBA Draft. San Antonio will likely be taking Victor Wembanyama with the #1 pick. After that, no one knows how the draft will play out. One player who expects to hear his name called early on is Alabama’s, Brandon Miller. He recently sat down with Shams Charania and said he molded his game after eight-time all-star Paul George. 

Miller, like many top prospects, thinks he should be the #1 overall pick. The 20-year-old acknowledged Victor Wembanyama and said it’s hard to not take a prospect like him #1. He called Wembanyama an “animal” and said he respects him as a player.

When you compare Paul George’s early time in the NBA with the player Miller is now, it’s easy to see the comparisons. Miller will have to wait until draft night to find out where he’ll be starting his NBA career. The 2023 NAB Draft is Thursday, June 22.

Brandon Miller says he molded his game around NBA all-star Paul George

In a recent sitdown interview, NBA insider Shams Charania spoke one-on-one with draft prospect, Brandon Miller. The projected top-three pick and Charnaia spoke on a number of topics. One intriguing part was when Miller said he models his game after Clippers’ all-star Paul George.

However, he was very specific to mention which version of George he was talking about. He said he likes the old Paul George better. The one from his early years in the NBA with Indiana. Miller told Charnaia that he thought George was in his prime when he played with the Pacers.

Paul George may be the perfect comparison for Brandon Miller as an NBA draft prospect. Miller is coming into the NBA with a tall and lanky build, much like Geroerge did as a rookie back in 2011. Both players are also known for their two-way dominance on the court, fueling their team on both sides of the ball.

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