Bojan Bogdanovic may be shut down for the rest of this season


The Detroit Pistons currently own the leagues worst record at 15-51 so far this season. They are 1-9 in their last ten and are on a nine-game losing streak. Injuries derailed their season early on when Cade Cunningham needed season-ending shin surgery. Now, the Piston’s fear they may have to shut down veteran SG Bojan Bogdanovic for the remainder of the season with an Achilles injury. 

Bogdanvic has played in 59 of the Pistons 66 games so far this season and has missed the last three in a row with an Achilles injury. Detroit hasn’t had more than 23 wins in each of the last four seasons and they only have 16 games left to try and surpass that number.

He was statistically having the best offensive scoring year of his career so far, but the Pistons might have to shut him down. With the team having no chance of making the playoffs this season, shutting Bojan down might be the smartest move for his health and the future of the team.

Bogdanovic may be shut down for the rest of this season with a nagging Achilles injury

The 33 year old has started and played in 59 games for the Pistons this season. He’s averaging (21.6) points, (3.8) rebounds, and (2.6) assists per game. This is his first season for the Pistons and he played at a high level when he was on the court, but losing him for the rest of the season is a blow to their confidence.

NBA insider Shams Charania broke the news today that the Pistons could be shutting Bogey down for the rest of the season. He said the team is taking “precautionary measures” to manage his health at this point in the season and they are weighing their options.

Teams were flooding the Piston’s with trade offers for the veteran SG near the deadline. However, they decided to hold onto him after he signed a two-year, $39 million contract last offseason. With Bogdanovic potentially out for the rest of this season, younger players on the Pistons will have to continue to step up and fill the roles the team needs.

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