Bobby Portis on FIBA play: “Obviously in the NBA, the hand-check, can’t touch people”


Photo: USA Basketball/Twitter

Team USA big man Bobby Portis described some of the different rules that the squad is getting used to for the FIBA World Cup.

(via Milwaukee Bucks):

“Most of our first time playing in FIBA; so trying to get acclimated as fast as we can. Obviously in the NBA, the hand-check, can’t touch people, you gotta play defense with your chest, you can body people with your chest, and things like that. The big one is if you get trapped; you can’t call a timeout. That’s crazy to me, but it’s all good though, man. It’s a new game. It’s 12 new guys, first time playing with each other, obviously it’s tough. But hopefully we can come together real fast.”

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