Bob Myers assures bright future for the Warriors despite departure


In a heartfelt announcement, Bob Myers, the esteemed general manager of the Golden State Warriors, revealed his decision to step down from his role after an illustrious 12-year tenure that witnessed the team capture four NBA championships. As Myers bids farewell, he leaves the organization with unwavering confidence in its future success.

Myers expressed his gratitude for Warriors owner Joe Lacob’s unwavering support and commitment to winning. Reflecting on their shared journey, Myers emphasized Lacob’s passion, dedication, and willingness to invest in the team’s success. Acknowledging Lacob’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, Myers declared, “To have an owner like that who puts his heart, will, and resources into winning, you cannot ask for anything more.”

With the foundation of an exceptional coach in Steve Kerr and the presence of one of the greatest players of all time, Stephen Curry, Myers firmly believes that the Warriors are poised for a bright future. He commended the team’s remarkable assets and affirmed their potential for continued success. Myers confidently stated, “The future’s unbelievably bright. […] I have great confidence in what’s to come and have no doubt that much success will still be forthcoming.”

Dispelling any doubts regarding his departure, Myers addressed the notion that his decision was influenced by impending difficult choices the team may face. He assured everyone that the team has weathered more challenging times in the past, emphasizing the unwavering resilience that has defined the Warriors’ journey. Myers’ departure comes with the utmost confidence in the organization’s ability to navigate future obstacles and make sound decisions.

“I know that some people have said this is I’m leaving because there’s a lot of big decisions,” he said. “Well, it’s been a lot worse than this. There’s been a lot harder summers than this when we started and in the past. So I have great confidence in what’s to come and have no doubt that much success will still be forthcoming.”

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