Blake Griffin on Jayson Tatum: “He’s a legit superstar”


Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

Blake Griffin is currently without a team for the upcoming season, but he expressed a strong desire to rejoin the Boston Celtics if the chance presents itself.

During an appearance on the Barstool Sports podcast, the veteran power forward referred to his time playing in Boston as “one of the most enjoyable experiences” and shared positive remarks about his fellow teammates.

“The players on that team are just like such a great group of guys,” Griffin said. “Like a guy like Jayson Tatum, he’s a legit superstar. And he’s just so humble and talks to everybody on the team and talks to the whole staff.”

Griffin signed with the Celtics shortly before the start of last season and averaged 4.1 points and 3.8 rebounds in 41 games.

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