Bam Adebayo not losing confidence in Heat amid C’s ECF comeback attempts


Photo: Miami Heat/Twitter

From all of the obstacles they overcame and the amount of critics they silenced, Bam Adebayo isn’t losing that faith to his Miami Heat team even fumbling their two massive chances to stamp their ticket to the NBA Finals and eliminate the Boston Celtics.

From being a doubted eighth-seeded club all the way to becoming a mighty Eastern Conference Finalist, Adebayo maintains his confidence that they’ll be able to execute a finisher against the C’s.

“Why would we lose confidence? When we started this journey, nobody believed in us. Everybody thought we going to be out on the first round, everybody thought we was going to be out on the second round, and now we’re here one game away [from advancing to the NBA Finals],” Adebayo echoed in his postgame presser following Heat’s 110-97 Thursday loss.

“So for us, we’ve always had confidence, and that’s not gonna go away.”

After securing the first three games in a commanding fashion, the Heat now find themselves dipped in the hot water. They’ve taken painful losses in both Games 4 and 5 with a combined 30-point margin from the Celtics’ sudden two-way revival.

There are only three instances within the NBA playoff record book that a team managed to force a decisive Game 7 even coming from an 0-3 series lead.

In the case of Adebayo and Miami, they won’t allow themselves to be added to this enticing club with their fanbase set to welcome them for a potential East Finals close out on Saturday.

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