Bam Adebayo needs to have a big series vs the Boston Celtics


Tonight, the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics will square off in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The two teams met during the 2019-20 season in the ECF where the Heat won the series 4-2. Last season, the Heat were just one shot away from beating Boston to advance to the ECF. Ahead of tonight’s game, An anonymous Eastern Conference head coach singles out Miami’s Bam Adebayo as needing to ‘show up’ vs Boston. 

During the 2023 playoffs, Bam Adebayo played and started in all 11 postseason games so far. He’s averaging (18.1) points, (9.2) rebounds, (3.3) assists, and (1.1) steals per game. Adebayo is leading the Heat in rebounds per game in the 2023 playoffs and is their second-highest scorer per game after Jimmy Butler.

Coming into Game 1 tonight, Florida Sports Betting sites have the Heat at (+310) to win on the road.

Bam Adebayo will look to have a bigtime series vs Boston in the ECF

In the 2023 playoffs, Bam Adebayo has four double-doubles and four games with at least 20+ points. During the 2022-23 regular season, the two-time all-star had 11 30+ point games. Nearly doubling the amount of 30+ point games he had in the first five years of his NBA career.

Coming into Game 1 tonight, an anonymous Eastern Conference head coach singled out Bam Adebayo and had this to say.

“The one thing for the Heat is they need to have Bam really show up,”… “When he is flexing offensively out there, forget it. The Celtics had no shot against him when he was at his peak in last year’s series, he had that big game in Game 2. He can do that again. But he needs four or five of those kinds of performances for them to have a chance here. Last year, he did that against them just ONE time.” – anonymous Esastern Conference head coach

During the 2022 NBA playoffs last year, Adebayo averaged 14/8/2. He had five games with 20+ points and one game with 30+. Adebayo clinched a trip to the NBA Finals in 2019-20 with 32/14/5 in Game 6. The Heat need that kind of production all series long vs Boston if they want to get back to the Finals.

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