Austin Rivers on mini camp culture: ‘It’s all about women’


Photo: Minnesota Timberwolves/X

In a candid conversation on the Off Guard podcast, NBA player Austin Rivers provided insights into the culture surrounding NBA mini camps, revealing that it’s not all about basketball.

“You’re not doing mini camps in Alabama,” he said, via HoopsHype. “They’re in like f****** Miami or we’re doing mini camp in Vegas, guys. It’s lock in, focus. Like we’re gonna be in the gym for two hours and the rest of days…”

While the intensity on the court is undeniable, Rivers highlighted a prominent off-court aspect of mini camps, which often revolves around one thing: women.

“The off the court is never in question. It’s always good. It’s always centered around one thing: it’s women, women, and then more women.

“So like never have to worry about that because every guy in the league loves that. So I would like to see in the future more guys get in the gym with each other,” Rivers elaborated.

While the allure of nightlife and distractions is strong, Rivers also expressed a desire to see more players prioritize on-court work during mini camps.

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