Austin Reaves reflects on special moment after defeating Warriors in Game 6


The Lakers’ sophomore guard Austin Reaves played a key role in the team’s victory over the Warriors in Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals. Reaves, who went undrafted in 2021 and earned a spot on the Lakers, scored 23 points, grabbed 5 rebounds, and dished 6 assists in a team-high 41 minutes of play.

After the game, Reaves was asked about what it was like playing with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Steph Curry. He expressed his excitement and gratitude for being part of such a special moment.

“This was special. I got a text from one of my really good friends before the series started right when we won last series against Memphis, and he was just like ‘No pressure, but you’re about to be in one of the biggest rivalries of my life,’” Reaves said.

“Ever since 2015, they’ve been just battling it out – Bron, Steph, and then their whole core. So it’s special to get that win and to be the team that’s so established, so good. They’ve won four rings over the past ten years or whatever. It’s just great.”

Reaves also shared that his brother flew in from Germany to watch the game, making the moment even more special for him.

The Lakers will now face the top-seeded Denver Nuggets in the conference finals, where Reaves and the rest of the team will aim to continue their postseason run.

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