Antoine Carr reveals Dennis Rodman’s quirky verbal tactics in NBA


In an interview with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on the final episode of Scoop B Selects, former Utah Jazz big man Antoine Carr offered insights into the mind games played by the iconic Dennis Rodman during his illustrious NBA career.

Carr discussed how Rodman’s ability to disrupt opponents mentally was a key aspect of his strategy. “He tries to get in your head, and if he’s able to do that, then it’s going to cause more havoc for your team,” he explained.

Rodman’s talent for unsettling players and taking them out of their comfort zones often proved to be a significant advantage for his team.

When asked about what Rodman would say to fellow players on the court, Carr revealed that Rodman’s approach was less verbal and more unconventional.

“He wouldn’t say too much; he would just do ODD things!” Carr recounted. “Like when he called me up and said, “Hey dog, I’m getting married.” I said, ‘Okay. What’s going on?’ He said, “I’m marrying MYSELF!” So it’s like, ‘Okay.’

“But he’s a good dude but that’s just his style. He always has something going on that’s mentally going to be taxing to whatever team he’s going against.”

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