Antoine Carr reflects on return of short shorts in NBA


In a recent conversation with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on Scoop B Selects, former Utah Jazz big man Antoine Carr delved into the topic of short shorts in the NBA, offering a humorous take on the trend’s resurgence.

When asked if he and his teammates ever teased John Stockton and Karl Malone about their famously short shorts, Carr chuckled and said, “No because we had a pair too! We’d mess with ’em every now and then, but so many of us had those shorts back when I played for the Hawks and other different teams, and we’d be like, ‘Yeah, these are kinda tight.’”

Carr also commented on the return of short shorts in today’s NBA, attributing it to players wanting to “look as sexy as we did back then.”

He emphasized the importance of enjoying life and injecting humor into the game, especially in the face of challenging times that we are in now.

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