Andreas Obst: NBA claims global champions, but we’re World Cup champs in Germany


Photo: FIBA

Andreas Obst sits down with EuroHoops to discuss his remarkable summer journey with the German national team and shares insights into his eagerly anticipated upcoming season with Bayern Munich.

“I’m back to everyday life now because of the training camp with Bayern Munich, but it’s an incredible feeling just talking about it. It’s something I’ll never forget and I’ll even need months to realize it,” Obst said.

“In the NBA they say they are World Champions because the best players in the world play there, but they are still Champions of the domestic league, and we in Germany are the Champions of a World Cup.

“In the NBA, they have always had this attitude, that they are the best at something and you can certainly characterize them with many different things. It’s funny that people are still talking about it. They can call themselves whatever they want, the bottom line doesn’t change. We are the world champions.”

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